P I P P I N   T H E    G U I N E A    F O W L

A picture book by Mark E McNeill and Jennifer Davison

Meet Pippin. It’s no secret he’s quite different from the other birds. 

Join him as he explores the woods and discovers all the things that make him special.

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Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Mark and Jennifer spent most of their childhood playing ‘Make Believe.’

From the moment they were old enough to hold a paintbrush, the pair were never too far away from a blank canvas on which to doodle, including the kitchen walls!

Their flair and creativity followed them throughout their lives and into their individual careers. It has now brought the two together to create their debut picture book.

Inspired by a strange bird they encountered on a family holiday, Pippin the Guinea Fowl is the brainchild of the brother and sister who never stopped imagining...